Colette Schaefer &
Beverly Ladd

Bev and Colette - "Your Edge in Real Estate!"

Tad and Rebecca

“My wife and I are experienced home buyers, and Bev and

Colette are among the best agents we've ever worked with.

They have been fantastic, communicative, and responsive

partners in finding our new home in Felton. We worked with

them remotely and in person and they excel at each.

Immediately after our initial meeting, they had a group chat

set up with us and we all used it as our primary

communication channel throughout the process.

They took the time to understand not only what we were

looking for in a home, but also how we wanted to work

together with them to find it, craft our offer, set up

inspections, deal with paperwork, and a dozen other parts

of the process.

Bev and Colette are much more than a real estate team to

our family. They are an important part of our successful

transition to a wonderful new community.”


Steven and Bonny

“Bev and Colette really came through for us. They went

way above and beyond from day one and now even after

the close of escrow they are willing to help us with whatever

we need at our new house. They are very knowledgeable,

quick, and responsive. They were there for us any time of

day. They made a stressful home buying experience much

more pleasant and kept us well informed throughout the

entire process. In this competitive market it is necessary to

have the best agents, Bev and Colette are those agents! We

really cannot recommend them enough. Thank you!”


Dan and Liz

“Where to start ... Bev & Colette were simply glued to us the

entire time we were looking for our first home. It felt like

they didn't have any other clients because they always

replied to our questions within minutes (and sometimes

seconds). Every time we needed to see a place, they were

ready to go. Once we found our home, they went into full

attack mode and got us a great deal, and no matter what

needed attention on the house, they knew a professional in

the area that could help us out.

We've never seen a couple so energetic as Bev and

Colette. Even after leg surgery, when her doctor told her to

stay off her feet, Bev was climbing flights of stairs to show

us houses. I think she keeps a Wonder Woman cape in the

back of her Escalade. And Colette was there to match her

every move, not unlike watching the Wonder

Twins. Superheroes, I tell ya.”


Rebecca and Charlie

“Thank you for helping us make our dream home a dream

come true! You guys are the best!! Forever grateful,




“I had the pleasure of both selling and buying a house with

Bev this year. She is the most dedicated, caring and

professional individual. She has a great gift for explaining

the details and for being present but not obtrusive when I

need time to think. Thank you Bev for being you and

getting us the most amazing house.”


Lynn and Steve H.

“Bev and Colette far exceeded our expectations in their

expertise and help in the purchase of our new home. I

would rate them a 6 star if that were allowed. To start, to

give us an advantage, they encouraged us to make our offer

as quickly as possible. Because of this, despite several very

interested parties, we had our offer accepted and were able

to purchase the house. They did a great job of setting up

the inspections, getting all the inspections completed,

evaluating the inspection results and provided direction on

how to proceed. Through their great negotiating skills they

were able to lower the purchase price by $30,000. They

were always available for any questions that we had for

them (even on weekends) and provided good

answers. They were kind, communicative, knowledgeable

and always had our backs.”


Sean L.

“Me, my girlfriend and parents have just purchased a

beautiful condo in Scotts Valley. Bev and Colette were


Made the transaction easy and a fun experience.

They were honest and were able to get us information we

needed etc. in a timely manner.

I highly recommend Bev and Colette in your future home

buying experience!”


Gabor T.

“Do you want to sell or buy? Bev and Colette will take care of you.

These two charismatic ladies are for you! They are the go-get-er's

to get the job done. These amazing ladies are persistent,

determined, extremely throughout, on your side, and by your side

day in and day out! Not enough words can describe the efforts they

provide. Excellent service. We highly recommend them.”


Holly C.

“Bev and Colette are the BEST realtors you can ever find to help

you buy your dream house! My husband and I just bought our

amazingly beautiful house in Santa Cruz with Bev and Colette

being our agents. We are moving into the Santa Cruz area so our

knowledge about the area was limited. Bev and Colette are so

knowledgeable, experienced, professional, thoughtful, and

efficient. With their help, the stressful buying was such a pleasant


One amazing thing working with Bev and Colette is that they feel

more than just our realtors to us. I was feeling like getting

pampered by old friends the whole time. They are so responsive to

any of our questions, requests, and concerns. I was never left

waiting for my realtors to get back to me. This helps tremendously

when it comes to dealing with the stress of buying a home.

Bev and Colette know the Santa Cruz area inside and out (they

grew up here!) and they took the time to understand our needs and

what we were looking for. Going house hunting with them was

amazing (they showed me the ones that I was exactly looking for!).

Bev and Colette were always there for me to offer their insight and

advice, and I never felt the pressure from them when I needed to

take my time.

In the end Bev and Colette helped us to find our dream home. The

efficiency and professionalism they demonstrated during the

process of negotiating the offer and securing the purchase were

amazing. I am so confident and happy about our purchase and so

looking forward to moving into the area!

I am positive that you would agree with me and have a great

experience if you ever had the chance to work with this wonderful

duo - Bev and Colette!!”


Catrina B.

“These two ladies are amazing! My husband and I have been

wanting to buy a home here in Santa Cruz but didn't dream of

being able to make a move in this market. I had known Bev

personally for about 15 years and have always thought very highly

of her as she has always shown herself to be kind, knowledgeable

and all in no matter what she does and shown nothing but integrity,

so of course when it came time to work with an agent she was the

one! Boy oh boy, was that the right move!! Plus, she works as a

team with Colette who is just as spectacular! Talk about a team,

these ladies and every person they recommend worked their butts

off for us. Now we are home owners!! Thank you so much Bev

and Colette, we couldn't have done this without you both!!”


Janice V.

All I can say is, WOW! These 2 dynamos are the most fabulous

realtors!! I've worked with several agents over the years and have

always gravitated towards realtors that have 20+ years experience

in real estate. However, I must confess that I found myself leaving

messages, e-mailing and feeling uncertain about hearing back in a

timely manner. It seemed to me that other realtors would be very

accessible in the beginning and then, once I signed the contract, it

was like they went cold on me. Not these two ladies! I can't think

of ONE time that I called and they didn't answer right away, or call

me back within 10-20 minutes. Color me impressed! From the

moment I met with them, I found them to be attentive, detailed

oriented, as well as friendly and most importantly, CARING! Both

ladies are super energetic and extremely knowledgable. I would

NEVER even consider calling anyone else in the future for my real

estate needs. This team is top-notch! Thank you, Bev and Colette!

Because of you two, escrow was smooth and stress free. You are

the greatest!


Chuck W.

“Bev and Collette helped my wife and I buy our dream home

in a really tough Scott's Valley market. They are super

friendly, very intentional and incredibly professional. I would

highly recommend them to you if you are looking to buy or

sell. They get the job done.”


Steve and Cindy

“We used Bev and Colette to sell our property and with their

strategy and tenacious drive we were able to get Top Dollars for

our house. They were both creative in marketing, were honest

about what we needed to do to accomplish our goals and was

completely trustworthy. They also referred us to an absolutely

wonderful landscaper. I would recommend Bev and Colette to

anyone and will use these ladies again when buying or selling!”


Andrew and Maria

Bev and Colette are amazing!

They just helped us purchase our first home ! From the first time

we meet they were friendly and energetic. They made the process

as easy as could be. Always available to answer our questions no

matter the time of day. I loved how they pay attention to all the

small details. I highly recommend these Ladies! They will go

above and beyond to help you. Give them a chance you won't

regret it .

Bev, Colette you are beyond amazing ! It was a pleasure and



Benjamin B.

“As a Loan Officer that talks with hundreds of realtors a year

(listing agents and buyer agents alike) I can, without a

doubt, say that Bev Ladd is one of the best I've ever had the

pleasure of working with. She was the listing agent for this

particular transaction and was on top of every detail. I could

tell from our first conversation that she goes far above and

beyond for her clients because she called me to do her due

diligence on my client's offer. That is definitely a sign of a

high-level realtor. It can take a couple of hours to do,

especially if there are multiple offers, but Bev is the type of

realtor that goes that extra 100 miles for her clients and

works extremely hard for them to get them the best. She

would always answer her phone which is HUGE. So many

realtors don't answer their phone. Her positivity and happy

demeanor always brightened my day. Thanks for being

awesome Bev!

- Benjamin Belloli, Loan Officer at Quicken Loans”


Hannah C.

“I've never dealt with real estate agents that go above and beyond

for you and you family's needs! These ladies are attentive,

meticulous in detail, and have been real angels in working with me

to purchase a home. I'm so impressed with their dedication and

hard work!! I will recommend them for sure!”


Lori and Nick

“We met Colette at an Open House and decided to use her and Bev

to purchase our new home. We were impressed with their energy

and quickness to respond to any questions we had. They remained

in tune with our escrow and worked closely with us throughout the

complicated escrow. Without their tenacity and perseverance, I

honestly do not think we would have closed according to our

timelines. Our family will forever be thankful for Collette and Bev,

and would highly recommend them.”


Shirley M.

“We cannot say enough about this team! Bev and Colette

are extremely efficient and thorough, throughout the

process of purchasing and selling a home. They're easy to

reach and will make you feel as though you are their only

client! Their professionalism is 5 stars all the way! If you're

considering buying, or selling real estate, don't waist your

time with any other realtor! These two are amazing and will

see you through to the very end of your transaction and will

stay in touch, even after you close escrow! In addition,

they're amazing when it comes to negotiating!!!”


Joe S.

• “Bev and Collete are the dynamic duo! My wife and I have

bought and sold multiple homes and having these two ladies

on your side makes buying and selling a much better

experience!...they bring a level of energy, integrity and

professionalism we just haven't seen with previous Realtors.

If you are buying or selling talk to Bev and Collete before

committing to anyone else. You won't regret it!”


Lisa B.

“We met Bev and Colette last November when they were

out door knocking in our neighborhood looking for a town

home for their client. We were interested in selling but only if

we could sell with the contingency of finding a replacement

property. Most realtors would run from this request. We

were very specific in what we wanted and what would work

for our family. They heard every word. Their commitment to

finding our new home never wavered. They were available

to answer any question/concern at anytime. During stressful

times, their knowledge of real estate helped decrease our

stress level. Because of their persistence and incredible

work ethic we were successful. We are very grateful to have

met and worked with Bev and Colette. We highly

recommend these awesome women. You will not find a

better team than Bev and Colette.”


Mike R.

“It's hard to put into a few sentences a definition of what this team,

Bev and Colette have done for my family but I will. My family of

four has been with them for 3 months now and it has been the most

important experience of my selling, buying, moving and business

life. I have NEVER had a person like Bev Ladd go so above and

beyond as she has for me and my little people in these past few

months. Selling a home with kids and moving folks is not easy but

if you are going to do it? Do it with this team. Not kidding, do it

with this team, Bev and Colette. It has been the best choice I have

made and it will be the absolute BEST thing you can ever do for

your home, and all you value so dearly.

Thank you for everything you have done for us and what you will

do for us Bev!! You are a rock!!!!

The Roberts Family”


Max and Jessica

“My fiancee and I just bought our first house in Boulder Creek

with the help of Bev and Colette. They were amazing throughout

the entire process! They were so on top of everything that needed

to be done, we felt like we were their only clients (though we knew

better)! They are friendly and professional, and really know realty!

We met Bev at an open house. We had been to several and had

been generally turned off by the slimy attitude and false smiles of

some of the listing agents. Bev was like a breath of fresh air. We

could tell instantly that she had her client's best interest at heart

and wanted to find owners that would really love the property. We

investigated purchasing that property but decided it was not quite

the right location, but in the process we found that Bev is the kind

of person who does her job because she finds it fulfilling, not just

filling her wallet. When we saw our new home for sale, we reached

out to Bev to get us a look at it, and she was eager to help and

represent us. She always answered the phone with the warmth and

excitement of a family member (in a well adjusted family).

I cant see why you wouldn't choose Bev and Colette for your real

estate needs anywhere in San Lorenzo Valley. The unique

geography and housing market requires realtors experienced in the

area, and as long as they keep working as hard for their clients as

they did for us, they'll continue to be the only realtors you should

need to consider for the santa cruz area.”


Maya M.

“We had the pleasure of buying and selling a house with Bev and

Colette recently. We highly recommend Bev and Colette to anyone

looking to buy, sell, or invest in real estate! Our experience with

them has been an extremely positive one. The two of them provide

an exceptional level of service - their integrity, energy, hard work

and attention to detail throughout the process, is remarkable. We

not only feel confident recommending Bev and Colette to anyone

needing a realtor, but we wouldn't hesitate to hire them again --

they did a excellent job for us!”


Sandi O.

Bev Ladd did a tremendous job in helping us sell our home

after living in Santa Cruz for 28 years. She far exceeded our

expectations as our realtor and went way beyond the call of

duty to minimize our stress during this transition. She was

not only professional but extremely personable. I'd

recommend her to anyone looking for a top realtor to

purchase or sell their home. We'll miss you, Bev!


Scott J.

“Bev Ladd was a pleasure to work with throughout the purchase

process of our New Home in Scott's Valley. Her thoroughness,

professionalism and constant attention to detail was outstanding. I

would absolutely recommend Bev Ladd if your looking for

someone to harbor the stress that comes with buying a new home.

Bev went far and beyond what you would normally expect from

your realtor and for that we will definitely use her on our

next home sale or purchase.”


Suzanne B.

“Bev Ladd is really awesome. We bought and sold a house and she

made the whole experience really great. She goes above and

beyond every day that she worked for us. We were looking for a

house to buy, during a time of low inventory, and Bev went door

knocking in several neighborhoods that we had identified. She

found us a house that was not on the market yet and we were able

to buy the house at a fair price without competing offers. After that

we put our house on the market and Bev was able to sell it over

asking price, the first weekend! She was so good at keeping us on

track with signing and producing documents and remembering

appointments. It was like having a personal secretary, which I

need. When I had a day that was totally jammed up and falling

apart, Bev offered to pick up my daughter from school. Really! I

mean who does that? Bev is that best. I would recommend her and

I would use her again in a heart beat.”


Shae S.

“Bev Ladd is a dream. If you want a realtor who is

personable, knowledgeable, will be there for you morning ,

noon, or night, the Bev Ladd is your girl. My husband and I

just sold our first home in the Santa Cruz mountain. And

Bev was with us every step of the way. Even when my

home was rebelling, having tantrums that required outside

professional help, Bev was there for us. She made a

stressful time, less so by offering advice, explaining steps

(again and again for us) even coming over to check in on my

family and pets. She is am amazing, dynamic lady. If you

need a realtor who will go to bat for you, please hire Bev